Roasted Brussels Sprout Salad

Want to try something different? Check this super easy recipe. If you are already using the oven, just add this for a delicious side dish!

Habichuelas (stewed beans)

Want a yummy side dish that you can pair with some rice? Try my mom’s recipe for habichuelas guisadas!

Mom’s pancakes

A simple yet DELICIOUS recipe, here is my mom’s pancake recipe.

Arroz Mamposteao’

Want to use some of those leftover rice and beans, try this staple from Puerto Rico!

Homemade Sofrito

How to make a staple in PR cuisine that you can use in multiple dishes.

Pan Fried Chicken

Don’t want to baby sit some chicken? Sear the thighs and stick them in the oven!

French Toast

I have a day off!! I just finished our Lenten Cantata, titled The Lenten Sketches (written by J. Martin). I had a week and a half of controlled chaos. Which means, I can (for at least today) relax. It is Holy Week, so I will take it, since I have to work Thursday – Sunday!…