Tío Efra’s Arroz con Cebolla

Switch up your rice game with this family staple!

Simple Polenta with Carnitas

I saw in the internet a recipe for “Instant Pot Polenta”. I was in disbelief. I did not believe it. So I decided to try it! I searched and the internet delivered! If you google Instant Pot Polenta; the internet will smack you in the head with recipes. Then I saw that Bon Appétit had…

Carnitas toast

Have some leftovers? Want a delicious brunch dish?! Look no further!!

Habichuelas (stewed beans)

Want a yummy side dish that you can pair with some rice? Try my mom’s recipe for habichuelas guisadas!

Arroz Mamposteao’

Want to use some of those leftover rice and beans, try this staple from Puerto Rico!

Chicharrones de pollo

Want chicken with a different twist?! Check out my chicharrones de pollo! A great staple in PR cuisine. Use it as an appetizer or an entree!

Arroz con Maíz

4 cups of jasmine rice 2 tablespoons of adobo 2 tablespoons of sofrito 2 packets of sazón 1 can of canned corn 3.5 cups of water (or vegetable broth/stock if you have it) A spash of garlic infused olive oil How to make it: In a Dutch oven, set to a medium high heat and…

Instant Pot Pernil

Don’t want to cook some pernil for 5 hours in the oven? Try it in the instant pot!! Easier clean up and less hassle!!